Sony HVO500MD/SUR HD Medical Video Recorder

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Introducing the Sony HVO500MD/SUR HD Medical Video Recorder – the ultimate solution for surgical recording. With its high-quality image capture, this HD recorder ensures crystal-clear visuals for accurate analysis and review.

Featuring a robust 500GB internal hard drive, the Sony HVO500MD/SUR allows you to store up to 194 hours of HD video, providing ample space for your surgical recordings. What sets it apart is the ability to simultaneously record to both the internal hard drive and external media through the USB port. Say goodbye to time-consuming video downloads, as this feature allows for hassle-free recording and immediate access to your important footage.

Another remarkable aspect of this medical video recorder is its user-friendly design. Unlike other devices, the Sony HVO500MD/SUR does not require patient ID to start recording. Simply hit play, and it will immediately playback the last session recorded. Additionally, it offers a pre-recording function that captures 5 seconds of video before you even press the record button – ensuring you never miss a critical moment.

With support for full HD up to 1920 X 1080i MPEG-4 and AVC-HD video recording formats, this versatile device can accommodate any manufacturer's SD or HD cameras. Whether you prefer a wired or wireless keyboard, the Sony HVO500MD/SUR allows you to activate the on-screen menu on a remote monitor, providing convenient control.

Speed up your workflow with the on-screen menu that allows OR staff to quickly input necessary information via a keyboard, streamlining the recording process. And for those who prefer physical copies, the HVO550MD/SUR and HVO550MD models offer the convenience to copy your recordings to DVD or Blu-ray disc.

In summary, the Sony HVO500MD/SUR HD Medical Video Recorder is a game-changer in surgical recording. Its cutting-edge features, including simultaneous recording, quick playback, and universal connectivity, ensure efficiency and reliability during your surgical procedures. Trust in Sony's dedication to quality and innovation to capture every detail with clarity and precision.


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