MediCapture MVR PRO HD USB Recorder

MediCapture HD 4K Recorders

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Product Overview


  • Records Full HD video at 60 frames per second with smooth, crystal clear resolution.

  • Captures still frames while recording.

  • The multi-Input recording provides for two-camera procedures with easy toggling functionality.

  • Integrated AMOLED 7”/18cm touchscreen control monitor.

  • Remote Control (included).

  • Videos and still images are saved simultaneously to a USB stick (or external USB hard drive), internal storage, and network storage to be archived or reviewed post-surgery.

  • HDMI input/output

MVR PRO Specs:

  • Device Type: HD Medical Video Recorder Records High-Definition video and still images from medical video sources to: USB, internal storage, network storage. Exports video and images to PACS in DICOM format1

  • Case/Buttons: Stainless steel, fluid resistant

  • Multi-Input Recording: Directly toggle between two inputs and perform parallel or picture-in-picture recordings.

  • Multi-Storage/DLM: Recordings can be saved up to two locations in different recording resolutions. Data Life Management optimizes storage space.

  • User Interface Overlay on internal touchscreen monitor, or external monitor

  • Video Inputs Multi-Input: 2x HDMI, DVI (with adapter), 4K-SDI with MVC Pro SDI to HDMI (optional)5

  • Video Outputs: 1x HDMI, DVI (with adapter)

  • Video Input Resolutions: 4K on Input 1 only5: 3840x2160p30/25 Both inputs (1 +2): 1920x1200p60, 1080p60/50/30/25, 1080i60/50, 1280x1024p60/50, 720p 60/50

  • Video Recording Resolutions: 3840x21601, 1920x1200, 1920x1080, 1280x1024, 1280x720. For 3840x2160 recording, “4K recording” needs to be activated1,5

  • Video Recording Bitrates: MP4 / coding H.264 up to 32 Mbit/s (1920x1080 p60), lower resolutions have lower bitrates MP4 / coding HEVC (H.265) reduces bitrate by 50%.

  • MVR Manager: Browse and review all patient files. Zoom, take snapshots, cut video. Add notes, report in PDF, print and archive as you wish.

  • MVR Secure: Protect your files from hacking or power outages. Includes user authentication and historical logs for data protection.

  • Image Format: JPG, PNG

  • Sound Recording: Bluetooth Mic, Mic by Stereo Headset (4 poles), USB Mic / Audio embedded in video

  • Internal Storage: 128GB. Extension on request.

  • External Storage USB flash drive, USB hard drive (FAT32, NTFS, exFAT)

  • USB Support: USB3.0, SuperSpeed, 1 front connector, 2 rear connectors

  • Network Storage: External Server, 1000/100/10Mbit/s

  • Footswitch/ Trigger: 3,5mm mini jack. Compatible with standard footswitches (not included) and closed-contact camera triggers, Bluetooth footswitches 

  • Upgrade Packages: The MVR Pro Upgrade Packages can be installed at any time by simply using an assigned activation key provided by MediCapture.

  • Remote Control: MVR Remote App4, Administration access via Network (Settings, Samba), IR remote control (included)

  • Mechanical (touchscreen closed): Size: 173 x 153 x 50mm / 6,7 x 6,0 x 2“ Weight: 1,20 kg / 2lb 13oz

  • Environmental Storage: -40°C to +85°C Operating: -20°C to +40°C

  • Power AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz



(No reviews yet) Write a Review