Ikegami MKC-X800 Native 4K Medical Video Camera

Ikegami Medical

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Product Overview

  • MKC-X800 is the beginning of Ikegami’s new camera generation for 4K resolution.

  • MKC-X800 is a 4K-native progressive-scan 1-CMOS model with an ultra-compact head designed to be operated from a remote CCU.

  • Features include ultra-high resolution, sophisticated GUI and single cable 4K output. 

Ultra High Resolution:
4K imaging technology allows identification of fine structures with greater precision that can lead to high quality Heads-up surgery. 

  • Wide Color Gamut (BT.2020):
  • Higher color reproductivity displaying, for example, very fine detail such a s small veins to help specify the blood point.
  • HDR Mode:
  • HDR Mode delivers wide dynamic range reproduction of the video. This function ensures that high quality display extends both to dark and bright areas of the image.

Digital Zoom:
Electronic zoom for the center of an image is available, up to four times.

Various Image Outputs:
MKC-X800 provides various 4K outputs as 12G-SDI (or 3G-SDI x4) or HDMI2.0. 4K and HD(1080p/1080i) images can be output simultaneously. It also matches the existing HD system.

Color Correction Function:
The color correction is much easier by using the newly designed rotary switch. The precise color adjustment is also available by tuning 16 axes of the color gamut in both hue and saturation.

Multi-Language Support:
As a state-of-the-art global medical device, the camera’s GUI and OSD menu both support English, German, French and Spanish multi-language.

Line Mix Mode can increase the sensitivity to two times while maintaining 1800 TV lines of ultra high definition video resolution. By activating the High Sensitivity Mode, total sensitivity can be enhanced as much as four times greater than normal. Not only for normal operations, but also suitable for light sensitive situations. 

Compact and Lightweight Camera Head:
The MKC-X800 has a very compact and lightweight 4K native camera head.

Name-Editable Scene File:
4 scene files a re provided to store pre-set memories of various control functions for convenient use. The name of each scene file is editable by touch panel operation.

Antibacterial Coating:
The camera head and CCU are coated to improve infection control.

3D Master-Slave Control for Heads-up Surgery (HUS):
By setting up two cameras as master and slave, the slave camera will automatically follow the control of master camera. This function is ideal for use in a Heads-up Surgery system.

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Warranty Information

1 year Ikegami manufacturers warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review