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Sony HVO4000MT 4K 3D and 2D Medical Video Recorder

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  • 4K 3D and 2D Medical Video Recorder
  • 4K video recording in sharp detail at up to 3840 x 2160
  • Simultaneous recording in 4K and 2K HD. 2K HD useful in playback on PC’s
  • Simultaneous recording on internal HDD and USB connected external media, network server or Blu-ray disc saving workflow time.
  • High capacity 4TB internal storage with three image quality settings (standard/high/best) up to 119 hours of 4K video recording.
  • Network compatible using CIFS over the hospital network.
  • External touch panel support allowing users to remotely control the recorder functions.
  • Supports Sony medical printers
  • 3D recording formats: Line by Line or Top and Bottom