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Haag-Streit IM900 Imaging System

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Haag-Streit IM900 Imaging System for BQ900 Slit Lamp

Description: IM900 Imaging Module with EyeSuite Software and RM02 Release Module, which serves as a power supply, illumination control and image capture. Depth of field control for the perfect image Includes pivoting LED background illuminator and crosshair reticule. Note: Adapts to existing BQ900 LED Slit Lamp only. 

All-In-One PC includes: 500 gigabyte hard drive, Minimum Pentium 4, 3.0, 4.0 GB RAM, 512MB VRAM, DVDR Writer, Firewire, 10/100 Ethernet Card, Intel Duo Core Processor.

Used by only one ophthalmology customer and is in excellent condition.