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Haag-Streit BX 900® LED Digital Slit Lamp

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Haag-Streit BX 900® LED DIGITAL SLIT LAMP:  Makes the Job of Professional Photographers 10x Easier

Because it’s designed for how ophthalmic photographers work, this slit lamp ensures imaging of the highest quality. The BX 900 adapts to fit many of the top digital SLRs, including Canon and Nikon. And, it has an integrated, fully synchronized flash.

Designed to be Easy to Use

From the conveniently mounted shutter release to the flexible mirror housing, this slit lamp makes it easy to maintain focus, access the patient, and capture incredible images.

  • The conveniently mounted shutter release is located close to the operator's hand, so it is easily used while maintaining focus through the slit lamp joystick.
  • Gives easy access to the patient because it is mounted above the microscope, which helps when photographing with hand-held diagnostic lenses.
  • The built-in retracting mirror directs 100% of the light to the camera for photography, as opposed to directing light to the oculars during normal examinations.
  • Slit and background illumination controlled through a release mechanism beside the slit lamp joystick enables professional level digital SLR cameras to fit.

Capture better images with the BX 900

  • Integrated flash tube, synchronized to slit, background illumination and shutter release
  • Fiber optic background illumination
  • Mirror housing with monocular tube for camera integration and synchronization
  • Shutter release
  • Homogeneous background illumination is essential for good slit lamp imaging
  • An optional, high output fiber optic light source provides for homogeneous background illumination
  • A holder mounted to the illumination device or by a separate swiveling device, which moves independently of the slit lamp illumination

Available Models:

7220451T:  Slit Lamp is designed for the professional
ophthalmic photographer, with 5-position magnification. Imaging table model only. *Includes camera adapter and cable. (Price excluding camera) *Please specify camera model.

ES705 LED:  BX900 Package with EyeSuite
Includes: BX 900 LED Photo Slit Lamp with EyeSuite BX Imaging Software, all-in-one computer/monitor, cordless mouse and keyboard. Also included are a Canon digital camera, adapter ring & camera cable/Canon, AC Adapter and BX capture option for EyeSuite.