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Panasonic Memory Card Portable HD Recorder

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Compact, Lightweight, Battery-Drive Recorder

• Light weight, handy size. Improved recorder operation with a touchpanel display and large buttons. NEW

• KEY LOCK function: Operation buttons can be temporarily disabled to prevent operating mistakes.

• Battery operation: Equipped with a battery socket on the rear panel. Large-capacity battery supported (11,800 mAh/8,850 mAh/5,900 mAh/ 5,800 mAh). NEW

• DC drive: Equipped with input terminal for DC12 V power supply. AC adaptor also included. NEW

• Power Supply Activation mode on the camera head linked to centralized power supply ON/OFF. NEW

• Threaded sockets provided in two locations, left and right, for arm or rack mounting.


Touch-Panel LCD Monitor. NEW

• High resolution: 16:9 screen, 3.5-inch, approx. 1.15-megadot panel

• LCD reverse display: The image displayed on the LCD monitor can be reversed vertically and horizontally. The camera head can be reversed vertically to match installation conditions. * When the image is reversed, the recorded image will remain in its original orientation.

• Touch panel: Compact size and multifunctional

• 13 User buttons: In addition to one hard key, 12 User buttons are displayed. Functions can be allocated to each. Four Scene File buttons also allow easy switching of the scene setting.

• Focus Assist: Focusing is aided by a Peaking Display (emphasizing in-focus areas by the use of coloring).


Double SD Memory Card Slots (SDXC Memory Card). NEW

• Large-capacity SDXC/SDHC Memory Cards supported.

• Maximum of 22 hours of recording in the high-quality PS mode and a maximum of 112 hours* of recording in the extended (HE) mode.


Versatile Recording/Playback Functions

• Producing photos from video: Single-frame image files can be converted from recorded video images. These can be used for high quality photos. NEW

• Pre Rec: Constantly records images and sounds from approximately 3 seconds before ordinary recording starts, to prevent missing decisive moments.

• Time stamp: Date and time information can be superimposed onto images. Usable for extended research activities and nature observations.

• Resume playback: When the Stop key is pressed during playback, the stop position is stored in memory. Simply press the Play key to start playing again from the stop position.

• Clip operation: This function allows fast forward, rewind, clip forward, clip reverse, and frame by frame playback operation.


LAN Terminal for IP Streaming and IP Control. NEW

The LAN terminal supports video and audio streaming distribution to networks, as well as file transfers and external control. Access from PCs and tablets is achieved by web browser, with no special app required. Control is also possible by a Panasonic remote camera system IP controller for integrated system operation. Open IP commands make it easy for users to design original systems.

• IP control: Remote control from a PC, tablet or IP controller enables Rec Start/Stop, Clip Delete, and compact Camera Head control (Zoom, Focus, Iris, and Menu Settings).

• IP streaming: Video and Audio IP streaming supported. Signals can be received and monitored by PCs, tablets, and IP decoders.

• File transfer: Recorded clips can be downloaded from a network PC.


SDI Input Records Endoscope and Other Images, and SDI/ HDMI Output Supports Various Applications

• SDI input: An SDI input with 3G-SDI support is equipped. This lets you connect to an endoscope or other video device and record multi-format images, including FHD (1920 x 1080) 59.94p/50p/23.98p/25p progressive images.

• SDI output: 3G-SDI compatible SDI output is equipped. FHD (1920 x 1080) 59.94p/50p/23.98p progressive images can be output to an external monitor.

• HDMI output: HDMI output of 4K (UHD). Combined with SDI output and IP streaming, this enables simultaneous output to maximum of three systems. NEW