Sony MCC1000MD HD Video Camera

Posted by Chuck Luley on Jun 03, 2021

Sony MCC1000MD HD Video Camera

MCC1000MD HD Surgical Video Camera with HDR: Ideal for Microsurgical Applications 

Built on Sony’s expertise and knowledge, accumulated over decades as a world-leading supplier of high-quality broadcast and professional products, the MCC-1000MD features the latest-generation image sensor technology, offering enhanced low-light sensitivity compared to traditional cameras on the market. Designed for medical microsurgical applications including ophthalmology and neurosurgical procedures, the compact and lightweight design allows the C-mount head to be easily mounted on most existing surgical microscopes. Captured HD images can be displayed on Sony surgical monitors for everyone to see in the OR and recorded with Sony medical video recorders. Surgical footage can be shared with clinicians/colleagues, at conferences and symposiums, and for surgical training and education.

The Sony MCC1000MD can capture remarkably clear video and still images even in near darkness. This is especially useful for procedures involving areas of the anatomy that are difficult to illuminate during a particularly intricate microsurgery.

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