Haag-Streit LED Digital Slit Lamps

Experience the Highest Level in Sight

Haag-Streit Diagnostic is the hands-down industry leader. Their slit lamps and imaging modules have provided unsurpassed accuracy, efficiency and longevity for nearly 60 years.

Featuring groundbreaking technology and delivering faultless precision in both shape and movement, our slit lamps are easier to use and control and more comfortable for you and your patients. With a range of slit lamp models, there’s one to suit any context.

Supurb Views and Stunning Imaging Results

The quality of the optical system determines the results of whatever application a slit lamp is used for. All Haag-Streit Slit Lamps are equipped with elaborated microscopes, manufactured for the highest quality requirements.

Optimum illumination with LED light

The new LED illumination systems on Haag-Streit LED Slit Lamps deliver our sharpest, brightest and most homogeneous slit ever. The light spectrum has been designed for Haag-Streit to meet the highest quality standards and to achieve results superior to tungsten light. This ensures optimal diagnostic details from the cornea to the retina.